Ship Spares Freight 247 is now part of Aviation & Marine Logistics 365

Benefits of Ship Spares Freight 247 Membership

You will also be the exclusive representative of your designated area, so you will immediately join a global network of offices who will want to send their business to you and expand their business within your marketplace. You will not share your area with any competitor.

SSF 247 encourages a spirit of cooperation and unity among its members, which consequently creates significant new business. Each year members meet at the SSF 247 Annual Conference, which will be a perfect occasion for networking and partnership development between members.

You will also have access to a private members mailing list where you can share your ideas and industry news with fellow members.

Upon joining, your company details will be added to our website. Our Charter & Code of Conduct ensures that every SSF 247 member is devoted to high quality performance standards and sound financial practice.

Fee Structure - Full Membership (International Forwarders)

Annual Fee from GBP £1,250 per year, per location/major gateway, plus GBP £750 for each additional location, depending on area taken. Entrance Fee GBP £250.

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